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bulky / громоздкий, объемистый, большой
имя прилагательное
bulky, cumbersome, unwieldy, ponderous, cumbrous
bulky, voluminous, gross
large, great, greater, big, high, bulky
bulky, heavy-set, lumping
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, hulking, lumbering, bulky
имя прилагательное
taking up much space, typically inconveniently; large and unwieldy.
a bulky piece of luggage
Narrow aisles and small seats into which bulky people must squeeze can make planes uncomfortable and annoy other passengers.
In order to survive, astronauts must wear bulky space suits that cost about $12 million each.
A bulky guy with a bushy moustache, his love of a challenge saw him qualify as an amateur pilot, scuba diver and part-time lifeguard.
This means that the plasma TV is only a few inches thick as opposed to the tube televisions that were large, bulky pieces of furniture.
But the technology was too bulky , too expensive, and very poorly marketed.
Evan shrugged, a motion barely noticed underneath the bulky suit he was wearing.
Soon enough the pretty girls will be unencumbered by those bulky coats and hats and scarves and mittens.
Existing technologies for sensing explosives are bulky and expensive.
There were other doors, bulky and overstuffed-looking pieces of furniture, woven rugs on the floor and paintings on the walls.
He wore a bulky scarf, definitely strange for summer weather.