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bulk / масса, объем, основная масса
имя существительное
mass, array, weight, lot, bulk, body
volume, capacity, size, bulk, space, content
основная масса
seem, appear, sound, look, show, bulk
казаться большим
dump, lump, get out, drop, tip, bulk
имя прилагательное
loose, friable, lax, soft, crumbly, bulk
лежащий навалом
имя существительное
the mass or magnitude of something large.
the sheer bulk of the bags
be or seem to be of great size or importance.
territorial questions bulked large in diplomatic relations
treat (a product) so that its quantity appears greater than it in fact is.
traders were bulking up their flour with chalk
The first time he is confronted with the sheer bulk of the super size meal, Spurlock is genuinely amazed.
The Sierra based Lightning Rods are incredibly quick around Bovingdon, where the cars' sheer bulk and power leads to a tight pack of bumper-to-bumper racing throughout the day.
Talliun is in fact a group of four harbours, of which Muuga, the youngest, is intended to serve as the main bulk cargo handling centre.
The skull and cross bones may have been replaced by organised gangs looking for bulk cargos; but some old clichés persist.
From an early age he was fat, perhaps seeking in food both the bulk to defend himself and the comfort he could not find at home.
The group has reserved a bulk order with the Post Office, planned to enable it to blitz Britain with a huge leafleting campaign over the holidays.
Anything that can break down the bulk adoption of textbooks by states would certainly help.
Until last year, the port's wharfs were only intended to accommodate bulk cargo which was not transported in containers.
Companies can order bulk quantities of a print after the presale expires.
To begin with, there's the sheer bulk of material to choose from.