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bulge / выпуклость, выступ, раздув
имя существительное
convex, convexity, bulge, bump, camber, swell
projection, ledge, protrusion, lip, lug, bulge
bulge, upthrust, evaginate, extrude, knob, protuberate
deform, warp, bulge
stand out, protrude, project, bulge, jut, overhang
имя существительное
a rounded swelling or protuberance that distorts a flat surface.
The rounded bulge of its roof was visible above the dry-stone dyke.
swell or protrude to an unnatural or incongruous extent.
the veins in his neck bulged
These dots appear like perforations in a three-dimensional surface that, close up, seems to bulge and swell and recede.
The Germans planned powerful attacks from the areas near Orel and Belgorod toward Kursk to surround and destroy the Soviet forces within the bulge .
The huge prison bulge may temporarily slow down crime, as it apparently has, but as offenders are released, the number of new crimes can be expected to skyrocket.
This turnaround is largely the result of the Baby-boomer bulge entering retirement and being succeeded by steady-state Baby-bust workforce.
Carey's eyes seemed to bulge , the cords on his neck standing taut.
Everyone understands the system will go into deficit when members of the baby-boom population bulge start retiring and becoming infirm.
His pockets bulge with change, because when he goes to a shop he can never hear when the assistant tells him how much to pay, and so always proffers a £5 note.
They calculate that the plume's buoyancy, as inferred by seismic imaging, is just enough to produce a bulge in the overlying surface that matches the superswell in size and height.
Our unique demographic profile, caused by the 1970s baby boom, continues to produce a bulge in the population of young adults.
Keratoconus is an irregular bulge of the cornea, or the clear surface structure over the eye.