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bulbous / выпуклый, луковичный, луковицеобразный
имя прилагательное
convex, protuberant, bulging, prominent, bulbous, bulgy
bulbous, alliaceous, oniony, bulbaceous
bulbous, bulbaceous
имя прилагательное
fat, round, or bulging.
a bulbous nose
(of a plant) growing from a bulb.
Although the Hippeastrum can be grown outside in the garden in climatic zones 9 and 10, this bulbous plant is still much more suitable for bringing into flower indoors.
I imagine his face as a Mr Potato Head and give him a bulbous nose and a painted, upturned mouth.
Hope, with the perfect eyesight of youth, could see that he was squinting into the darkness and noticed he was without the gold-rimmed spectacles which usually perched on the end of his bulbous nose.
His face is a vertical edifice offset by a bulbous , somewhat aquiline nose, lined with sunken black eyes that have clearly observed the Hollywood abattoir too many times.
Forlorn eyes, a bulbous nose and sweeping cheekbones (reminiscent of Faye Dunaway, but in a manly sort of way) complete the landscape.
Almost no bulbous plants are native to this part of the world.
Completing the picture of the perfect bulbous plant, is the fact that hyacinths are very easy to bring into flower.
The papers had begun to paint him soft, the cartoonists exaggerating his expanding beltline, and inflating his bulbous nose for comic effect.
This species of pelargonium is indigenous to the Eastern Cape and grows wild, sending out long bulbous roots deep into the ground.
Beneath his shiny pate and bulbous nose is true divinity, a noble being of omnipotent powers and perceptions.
Another very hardy summer bulbous plant is the zephyranthes lily.