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bulb / лампа, шарик, лампочка
имя существительное
lamp, bulb, tube
ball, bead, bulb, pellet, globule, bolus
bulb, lightbulb
расширяться в форме луковицы
имя существительное
a rounded underground storage organ present in some plants, notably those of the lily family, consisting of a short stem surrounded by fleshy scale leaves or leaf bases and lying dormant over winter.
Snowdrops hate having their roots disturbed, but dividing them in spring allows their roots to recover and gives the leaves time to feed the bulb before they become dormant later in summer.
an object with a rounded or teardrop shape like a bulb, in particular.
A pneumatic bulb is required to accurately assess the tympanic membrane and the aeration of the middle ear.
Empty the contents onto a tissue by squeezing the bulb rapidly while holding it upside down.
He observed long processes of sensory neurons coursing into the brain from the retina and olfactory bulb .
Similar tumors may arise from neighboring areas, including the jugular bulb , the middle ear, and the mastoid portion of the temporal bone.
Gently put the compressed bulb into the open nostril.
Blow out the dust with compressed air, canned air, a blow-out bulb (ear syringe), or a vacuum in the blower mode.
A glass bulb , then, is used to keep oxygen away from the filament.
Another gadget, a simple glass bulb with four small vanes inside, the faces of each painted black or white.
The lower esophagus and duodenal bulb are common sites of gastric metaplasias occurring as a protective response to the injurious action of gastric acid.
In the other, more sophisticated method, the protruding end of the tube is connected to a bulb made of an animal bladder, a leather bag, or rubber.
We report a case of Brunner gland hamartoma of the duodenal bulb with unusual histologic features.