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built-up / разъемный, составной
имя прилагательное
sectional, separable, dismountable, divided, built-up
composite, compound, component, constituent, complex, built-up
имя прилагательное
(of an area) densely covered by houses or other buildings.
‘They've built a lot of houses in the time we lived here and the place has changed quite dramatically, so from being right on the edge of town we are in quite a built-up area now,’ says Mike Burton, who moved into the area nine years ago.
increased in height by the addition of parts.
shoes with built-up heels
It aims to get a higher proportion of people out of their cars at the edge of the built-up area and help us ease congestion.
The plane should have been tested over the sea, not a built-up area, and I just feel there should have been an apology.
The York site is at Haxby, about 5 km north of the city center on the edge of the built-up area.
And the sort of smart weapon systems that we currently see used to great excess in the battlefield outside towns may not be so smart or efficient in a built-up area.
The more passionate scenes involve Bo and Vic, whose built-up frustrations and resentment towards each other explode in an angry fight at Patsy's bedside.
The built-up roof's membrane is generally thicker and stronger compared to most other roofing options with its multiple layers and gravel surfacing.
It's far easier to get a higher level of safety for pedestrians and cyclists in a busy, built-up area if you have traffic signals.
Police say the largely built-up area around the park has become one of the town's juvenile nuisance hotspots in recent years and a revamped park would help deter anti-social behaviour.
The district council issued the notice because it decided there was no over-riding national or local need to justify such a development outside a built-up area, with access directly on to a main road.
Counterattack in a built-up area consists of storming buildings and is conducted with relatively small assets from the second echelon force.