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built-in / встроенный, стенной, неотъемлемый
имя прилагательное
inbuilt, integral, imbedded, built-in
wall, mural, built-in
integral, inalienable, inherent, essential, indefeasible, built-in
имя прилагательное
forming an integral part of a structure or device.
a camera with a built-in zoom lens
The built-in flash is very small but is powerful enough to light objects up to 4.8 meters away.
A built-in glacial pace of change is probably a good thing, when you think of it.
Its built-in video camera will let you and your caller not only hear but also see each other during the call.
After all, doesn't the myth go that fat people are innately funny; that they have a built-in sense of humour?
Architecture with a built-in history has become one of the major attractions in the city.
Included in the sale are a built-in hob, oven and deep fat fryer along with a washing machine and dishwasher.
So the forms have arrived and the two most important have a built-in confusion factor that I'm finding hard to resolve.
The built-in camera seems good, and will be acid-tested in the next couple of weeks, I'm sure.
The computer will have no built-in hard drives, as storage will be available via the global network.
With its built-in citrus aroma, your friends will surely think you've just come from the beach.