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building / здание, строительство, строение
имя существительное
building, house, structure, edifice, construction, fabric
construction, building, constructing, development
structure, building, construction, architecture, texture, formation
имя прилагательное
building, structural, constructional, constructing, constructive
building, constructing
имя существительное
a structure with a roof and walls, such as a house, school, store, or factory.
In my view, it would be illogical and incorrect to describe these two buildings as a house.
the process or business of constructing something.
the building of highways
the process of constructing, shaping, developing, or forming a particular thing.
Afterwards, it will be bulldozed and the sand used as building material.
These plants are increased by building roads, as compacted soil from roads are seed beds.
Two top pros just revealed their trade secrets for building muscle mass.
The process of vision building however involves the application of intuition.
Land occupation, building , trading and health ordinances are ignored by their supporters.
It is recognition of the right of the minority group to become a partner in the nation- building process.
The key to Basic Fantasy Football is making smart trades and building roster value.
the building of the bridge was delayed
The process of nation building or of nationalizing the masses was far from complete in pre-war Italy.
There is a very large increase in building of houses in Ballaghaderreen town which is a sign of prosperity.