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builder / строитель, подрядчик, плотник
имя существительное
builder, constructor, erector, block
contractor, builder, lumper
carpenter, woodworker, joiner, builder, chippy
имя существительное
a person who constructs something by putting parts or material together over a period of time.
a boat builder
breaking the record was a real confidence builder
But I soon realized it had been a great learning experience and a major confidence builder .
she's a great consensus builder
If the house is finished late, the builder pays the interest on the construction loan that the buyers are paying.
My concern is a high repair bill if my builder says it is out of the one-year warranty.
An online site builder creates a web site with web forms over the Internet.
winning was a real confidence builder for me
It is a community builder and helps to bring people together in friendship so for that reason it is most important to keep it going in this Parish of which we are all proud.
Seeing other women perform well is a great confidence builder , too!
After all, this trip was billed as another confidence builder between the two leaders.