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build / строить, создавать, основываться
build, construct, build up, frame, parade, troop
create, build, establish, make, produce, form
found, build, rest, bottom, lean, repose
имя существительное
build, trait, figure
physique, constitution, build, frame, habit
education, formation, forming, generation, schooling, build
имя существительное
the dimensions or proportions of a person's or animal's body.
she was of medium height and slim build
a compiled version of a program.
For workstations, standard system builds or images with commonly used software should be established for groups of users.
construct (something, typically something large) by putting parts or material together over a period of time.
the factory was built in 1936
What impresses me most about this latest Malibu is the build quality.
It's hopeless for the Housing Commission to build estates of this kind.
the county council plans to build a bypass
Swallows build nests by packing together bits of mud with their sticky saliva.
At one stage the county council was planning to build new courts but it now intends to refurbish the present buildings.
The Volvo has space, understated style, build quality and practicality.
Britain should build on the talents of its workforce
He said, though, Microsoft hoped to resolve these kinds of problems in the future by moving testing into the software build process.
All men have the same eyes, the same ears, the same body, the same build , a compound of earth, air, fire, and water.
If you have both MySQL and SQLite on your system, support is compiled for both at build time.