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buggy / детская коляска, коляска, кабриолет
имя существительное
детская коляска
pram, buggy, perambulator, waggon, wagon, go-cart
carriage, pram, buggy, baby carriage, baby buggy, calash
cabriolet, gig, buggy
маленькая вагонетка
имя прилагательное
кишащий клопами
имя прилагательное
infested with bugs.
This is whole-grain white flint cornmeal, which would go rancid and buggy in your cupboard faster than cheese.
crazy; insane.
Yes, I am aware that things are buggy around here.
имя существительное
a small or light vehicle, in particular.
The buggy is the lightest of the bunch, consisting of little more than four wheels and a bare bones roll cage.
In reality, I was looking for new digs, a climate healthier than the overpriced acres of buggy floodplain my wife, Kitty, and I owned.
Yeah, it was Microsoft programmers who wrote the buggy code, but were they any different than most programmers at that time?
The buggy program examples used with the following memory debuggers can be seen in Listings 2, 3 and 4.
A buggy active application might corrupt the state of a router or might harm other active applications.
There aren't even any cars - a golf buggy is about as much as you'll squeeze up its Toytown streets with their cluster s of sugar-cube houses.
I had a system crash thanks to a usually-reliable program that issued a buggy upgrade.
The result was the same - low usage, this time partly because of buggy software.
It's hard to overcome the reputation of having a buggy product.
After checking in, I am led to a golf buggy which chugs the few yards to my bungalow.
She is now almost totally dependent on either the car or an electric buggy .