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bugaboo / пугало, бука
имя существительное
scarecrow, bogey, fright, bugbear, bugaboo, guy
bugaboo, bugbear
имя существительное
an object of fear or alarm; a bugbear.
On the ground at Italy's Bologna International Airport, I ran into the same old bugaboos that make travel back home such a hassle.
Almost sixty years later, Japanese militarism remains the great bugaboo of East Asian politics.
We don't want wrong-note anxiety to be the bugaboo .
But monotony - the bugaboo of any training program - had reared its ugly head in my direction.
An extremely long hitter with a fabled touch around the greens, Mickelson and Smith continue to work on his chief bugaboo : accuracy off the tee.
On a related matter, lack of socialization is the bugaboo of the anti-homeschooler.
In fact, the entire notion of ‘scarcity’ is a bugaboo contrived by conservative economists to justify the distributional injustice of the capitalist system.
Keys have always been my bugaboo , but when my youngest daughter Addy was a toddler, she usually solved my dilemma.
This dilemma isn't confined to non-professional players; it has become a bugaboo for some of the top professionals on tour too.
Even coal, the bugaboo of climate change, would make a better husband for water, saving billions of gallons of waterflow yearly, even after consuming more water for sulfur removal.
In the fast-emerging video direct marketing arena, this fact-versus-fiction scenario had been somewhat of an industry bugaboo until just a few years ago.