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bug-eyed / с вытаращенными глазами
имя прилагательное
с вытаращенными глазами
имя прилагательное
with bulging eyes.
bug-eyed monsters
Far out in the north Atlantic, they are now dredging down to 1000 metres or more and bringing up millions of bug-eyed denizens of the deep, many of which are regarded as delicacies in France.
With breathtaking effrontery, Cameron finally segues seamlessly into a little sci-fi fantasy showing his scientists discovering an alien city on another planet complete with bug-eyed aliens.
For years Martians were imagined as the stuff of nightmares - bug-eyed monsters, ravening warlords or advanced experimenters on humans.
A parody of a leading man, Campbell fronts a classic profile, but he's just a little too angular and bug-eyed .
To begin with, science fiction is several decades past the bug-eyed monster stage, and the genre is in fact producing some of the most intelligent and entertaining fiction around.
Which one do you want, the spaniel with the crown or the bug-eyed chihuahua?
Depending on the specific genetic mutation, she explains, the beast may have the head of a wolf or the bug-eyed visage of an ant.
Well, science fiction, when I started reading it in 1930, was mostly bug-eyed monsters threatening nubile maidens.
Kevin isn't a bug-eyed alien, though he does a fair impression.
If you want to rekindle a little of your bug-eyed enthusiasm, or have some little bug-eyed enthusiasts with hungry minds to feed, then I highly recommend it.