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buffer / буфер, амортизатор, демпфер
имя существительное
buffer, bumper, bolster, shock-absorber
damper, absorber, bumper, buffer, snubber, dashpot
damper, buffer, air cushion, cataract
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a person or thing that prevents incompatible or antagonistic people or things from coming into contact with or harming each other.
family and friends can provide a buffer against stress
a solution that resists changes in pH when acid or alkali is added to it. Buffers typically involve a weak acid or alkali together with one of its salts.
A spectral change was observed upon addition of lipid vesicles to the buffer solution of the sensitizers.
a temporary memory area in which data is stored while it is being processed or transferred, especially one used while streaming video or downloading audio.
First we create a buffer that is one byte bigger than the user string and fill it with zeros.
lessen or moderate the impact of (something).
the massage helped to buffer the strain
treat with a chemical buffer.
add organic matter to buffer the resulting alkalinity
store (data) in a buffer while it is being processed or transferred.
try buffering as much of the video stream as you can before you hit the 'play' button
Outside, the railed front garden with side lawn is surprisingly generous in comparison with many homes so close to the city centre, and provides a generous buffer between the property and Botanic Road.
He has always emphasised the need to protect those on fixed incomes and has instructed successive governments to do their utmost to buffer them against the strains of economic reform.
a distinguished old buffer
While technology no doubt aids journalism's mission to inform society by removing obstacles of time and distance, it also provides an unwelcome buffer between the reporter and the public.
‘This increase will not act as a buffer between children and poverty and will certainly do nothing to help parents pay for childcare,’ she added.
Doubt is the buffer between blind faith and cold logic.
Anthony, whose job it was to act as a buffer between editorial staff and management and who always looked as though he was on the verge of a heart attack, slammed the phone down, cursed and reached for a cigarette.
Furthermore, the seclusion of women within marriage and family life allows them to buffer the psychological shocks and reverses associated with industrial life.
The cane farmers on the Sunshine Coast have provided not just a monetary benefit to the local economy: their crops have acted as a green buffer between settlements on the coast.
Evidently the major job of a PA or Private Secretary of an important official is to act as a buffer between his master and the inconvenient hordes seeking favours or the querulous ones voicing complaints.