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budget / бюджет, финансовая смета, запас
имя существительное
финансовая смета
stock, reserve, margin, supply, supplies, budget
сумка и содержимое
составлять бюджет
allocate, appropriate, assign, earmark, budget, vote
предусматривать в бюджете
имя существительное
an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.
keep within the household budget
a quantity of material, typically that which is written or printed.
allow or provide a particular amount of money in a budget.
the university is budgeting for a deficit
имя прилагательное
a budget guitar
It isn't easy to live within a budget at first - but once you've done it for a few months it will become a routine you don't have to think about.
It means that councils will have to find more of their budget from council tax payers and/or slash services.
Many parents use the monthly income from Child Benefit to support their overall household budget .
The state legislature found money in its budget to cover the amount.
Many people measure their position in life by the number of people they control and the amount of money in their budget .
a budget holiday
However, with a little forward planning, it is possible to keep your clothing purchases comfortably within the family budget !
I found nine offers of cheap ink, ten for budget cameras, 15 that talked about American loan rates, and 7 that offered me an American mortgage.
But the city budget will only allocate money for the dengue eradication campaign, which includes fumigation.
A raging budget deficit would seem to indicate the contrary.