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budgerigar / волнистый попугайчик
имя существительное
волнистый попугайчик
budgie, budgerigar
имя существительное
a small gregarious Australian parakeet that in the wild is green with a yellow head. It is popular as a pet bird and has been bred in a variety of colors.
The first step in ensuring that your budgerigars get sufficient exercise is to house them in an appropriately sized cage.
The probability that a pneumonic illness in a budgerigar owner is due to psittacosis increases when the patient says that a pet bird has recently died.
Forebrain nuclei similar in structure and location have also been found in the budgerigar (an Australian parakeet).
When a clutch of four budgerigar chicks hatched out one sunny September day in 1999, it was a happy occasion for their breeder.
It's a little bit bigger than a budgerigar and about the same size as a lorikeet.
There was, though, a happy outcome for the budgerigar , who survived the proceedings and has now found a home in Cumbernauld.
Why has my budgerigar started plucking out its feathers, and how can I stop it?
Pupils at a primary school have a new classmate - a bright yellow budgerigar called Lucky.
As the Core Team would rather see birds in the wild than in cages, I'm not going to discuss the budgerigar 's fitness as an animal companion.
The decision came after one breeder in Middlesbrough lost his entire collection of more than 200 budgerigars , stock he had built up over many years.
However South came out blazing in the third quarter and made the Eagles feel a little like budgerigars .