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budge / сдвинуть с места, шевелиться, передумывать
сдвинуть с места
stir, move, budge
rethink, think better of, budge, change one's mind, alter one's mind
имя прилагательное
pompous, budge
отделанный овчиной
имя существительное
sheepskin, lambskin, sheep, budge
make or cause to make the slightest movement.
the line in the bank hasn't budged
She said: ‘I went through the proper channels, I asked for it to be felled because it was damaging a wall and my drive. We have another tree in our garden removed in February because it was diseased, but the council will not budge over this one.’
Horses are excellent at annoying drivers, they simply stand there in the road and they won't budge an inch.
Autorickshaw drivers, on the other hand, refuse to budge an inch on the issue of switching to digital meters.
neither bribe nor threat will budge him
None of them were surprised when the door didn't budge but a few centimeters.
Poppy, delighted to be the centre of attention, simply sat down and basked in the glory but budge one inch she would not.
But Thompson has made it clear he will not budge over the job losses, which will include compulsory redundancies.
She wouldn't budge an inch; keeping onto her shares and making sure Clerys was not up for grabs.
Professor Paterson, later to resign from the committee over the BBC's ultimate refusal to budge over the issue, has provided an account of this meeting.
budge over, boys, make room for your uncle