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buddy / приятель, дружище, пердун
имя существительное
friend, buddy, pal, mate, man, fellow
buddy, old boy, old fellow, bud, matey, chummy
farter, pal, old fart, buddy
имя существительное
a close friend.
Sure I have friends, but not real friends, not the kind of close buddies that you share everything with.
become friendly and spend time with.
I decided to buddy up to them
My coworker buddy and I might be taking a knitting course together.
We actually got to buddy around with the man himself
I lost the light of my life, my buddy , my best friend.
Invite a coworker to work alongside you, even if you're doing different tasks, just so you have some company. Having a work buddy helps both of you get your tasks done.
Then he stood at attention and saluted in the direction of his fallen buddy , a friend he would never see again.
Instead, imagine a writing buddy or a good friend who appreciates the efforts you make and never puts you down. o Find a ritual or routine to help you through the process.
Sean is broke, so his best buddy and roommate Dee Loc suggests he gets a job at the local car wash.
The great thing is that this voting has nothing whatsoever to do with the merits of the song, but gives the Eurovision nations an opportunity to buddy up with their neighbours or sneer at old enemies.
Still, he is the innocuous core that links a huge cast of eccentric characters, foremost his war buddy and closest friend Samad Iqbal.
So to the kids who are endlessly in search of a place to skate: you may want to buddy up to the boys in Field Day.