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budding / многообещающий, подающий надежды
имя прилагательное
promising, budding, hopeful, coming, up-and-coming
подающий надежды
budding, promising, coming, hopeful, upcoming, likely
имя существительное
budding, inoculation
прививка глазком
inoculation, budding
имя прилагательное
(of a plant) having or developing buds.
a budding chrysanthemum
(of a plant or animal) form a bud.
new blood vessels bud out from the vascular bed
Or should I just focus on making our budding relationship the best that it possibly can be?
Dwindling concentrations of hedgehog protein reached across the budding limb to shape the first two digits.
The sanctuary currently hosts budding ornithologists from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, and Russia.
The researchers then demonstrated that the interdigital tissue (ID) that lies between budding digits is responsible for instructing them as to what they will become.
Aimee is already part of the national World Class Start programme, designed to identify and nurture a small number of budding athletes who have the potential to compete against the best in the world.
With the introduction of the Internet, electronic and computer games, etc, we have seen a reduction in the relative time spent by budding West Indian cricketers on the cricket field.
But that still left her with the problem of Josh and his budding relationship with her best friend.
Directed by Julie Davis, Guy follows two budding parallel relationships.
It was to that laboratory that a young budding chemist from Lancaster directed his steps one autumn day in 1845.
Then I walked on, up the path, around the shrubs and budding trees, and back towards the keep of Four Stones.