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bud / бутон, почка, приятель
имя существительное
bud, button, burgeon, bourgeon
bud, kidney, gemma, bourgeon, burgeon
friend, buddy, pal, mate, man, bud
давать почки
bud, burgeon, bourgeon, gemmate, germinate
пускать ростки
sprout, bud, shoot, chit
имя существительное
a compact knoblike growth on a plant that develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot.
Flower meristem, flower buds , and leaves from green and 2 d-etiolated plants were analysed for ATP and ADP contents.
a form of address, usually to a boy or man, used especially when the name of the one being addressed is not known.
listen, bud, I saw you there with my own eyes
(of a plant or animal) form a bud.
new blood vessels bud out from the vascular bed
Well, I'll tell ya, bud , until you find yourself a prince who will take you away from all this, it's not about you.
tapeworms bud off egg-bearing sections from their tail end
When the limits of the substrate have been reached, a Hydractinia colony will bud reproductive polyps called gonozooids from the stolonal mat.
I'll tell you what, bud
They just wanted to get together for one more night and bid my son farewell - to say, ‘We love you, bud , and we're going to miss you.’
This probably reflects the presence of stem cells in the nail bud rather than cell dedifferentiation.
Meanwhile, bulbs and seeds sprout, trees bud , and insects emerge and start consuming the tender foliage.
The tips of these aerial hyphae swell to form a vesicle, and layers of cells bud off of the vesicle.
Not verbally, but I could just tell, it was a feeling, bud .
He dragged his bags past us, and giving a distasteful look at me said, ‘Want some advice, bud ?’