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bucolic / буколический, сельский
имя прилагательное
rural, country, rustic, bucolic, peasant, Arcadian
имя существительное
буколический поэт
сельский житель
villager, countryman, rustic, bucolic
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.
the church is lovely for its bucolic setting
имя существительное
a pastoral poem.
The result is a complex mix of ancient Greek bucolics (pastoral poetry), the natural history of northern Italy, and the harsh realities of contemporary Roman politics.
You portray the bucolic aspects of small-town life, and this idealized family, then slowly reveal the dark underside of such a life.
But PETA says most California dairy cows live not in bucolic pastures, but in filthy, grassless lots where they are forced to give too much milk and are separated from their calves too soon.
Family doctor and friend, Good Old George has forsworn his practice due to retirement, is a widower and now lives in bucolic bliss in the country.
Anu Naik's canvases have captured the bucolic imagery of rural life in Rajastan and Gujarat.
The spartan public ferry taking me there is less glamorous than the private jet we flew to Montana, but it's a gorgeous July day, and Orcas is bucolic and unassuming - an undeveloped Pacific Nantucket.
Lanning refuses to elaborate about the horrors he must have seen, but instead recounts the beauty he found in Paris and the bucolic countryside seen on his march to Germany.
A tour through the St. Lawrence Valley will let the traveller experience picturesque islands, rugged fjords and a bucolic countryside.
Here the northern edge of the city peters out into bucolic countryside, and the municipality has big plans to develop a park for sports and recreation.
From the more bucolic vantage point of farm sanctuaries, he examined the behaviour of pigs, cows, goats, sheep and fowl and found that their tenderness, affection and social interaction gave them a level of sympathy he found surprising.
The last painting Church executed on this theme, A Country Home, provides a bucolic slice of life in a serenely solitary and beautiful setting.