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buckwheat / гречиха, греча
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
an Asian plant of the dock family that produces starchy seeds. The seeds are used for fodder and are also milled into flour that is widely used in the US.
Increase whole grains such as millet, buckwheat , quinoa, oats, rye and barley.
Try buckwheat as an alternative source of complex carbohydrates for breakfast or any other meal or snack.
Just be sure to turn under the succulent green growth before the buckwheat goes to seed.
Drink nettle or dandelion teas and eat foods rich in vitamin B6, including sunflower seeds, brown rice, buckwheat and avocados.
The peasant staples were rye bread, and porridge made from oats, buckwheat , or wheat.
Ohsawa and Tsutsumi showed that the buckwheat plants sown in the early summer contained higher amounts of rutin than the plants sown in the late summer.
Add in the buckwheat , the vegetables and the pain d' épice, and toss lightly to coat, making sure the ingredients are nicely blended.
Homologous sequences of PER1 were also isolated from Arabidopsis, rice, buckwheat , and wheat.
Other foods are yams, millet, corn, wheat, buckwheat , and sorghum.
The primary sources of flour, for example, are potato, buckwheat , corn, rice and quinoa, all of which contain high amounts of carbs.
The fillings are incredibly, filling, rich and tasty, with the buckwheat in the crêpes giving everything a good, nutty texture.