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buckskin / оленья кожа, штаны из оленьей кожи
имя существительное
оленья кожа
buckskin, deerskin, doeskin
штаны из оленьей кожи
имя существительное
the skin of a male deer.
On the American frontier, buckskins were often used as units of commerce.
a horse of a grayish-yellow color.
She was a buckskin mare, noticeably taller than the horses surrounding her.
Others roamed the bivouac sporting buckskin clothing and moccasins rifled from the camp.
the buckskin mare stumbled
In an apparent attempt to reclaim the Indian identity that caused his beloved to reject him, he emerges from the house dressed in an unbuttoned buckskin shirt and headdress, with a blanket around his waist.
The great buckskin horse was nibbling at the shoulder of the guard's tunic, his shining black eyes shifting between his master and Fionnabhair.
Brain tanned buckskin has always been the material of choice for people living in the outdoors, and for good reason. It is washable, proof against thorns, cuts the wind, allows your skin to breathe, lasts a lifetime and yet is incredibly soft and comfortable.
Feeling as if all eyes were on him, he approached the horse that Aarao had instructed was his, a young buckskin stallion that had apparently had no owner before him.
Here he gained a wide audience for his work and became a striking public figure with his blond hair, buckskin shirt, and characteristic red sash.
With his large white Stetson, red shirt, fringed buckskin jacket and large black boots I recognized him immediately as Buffalo Bill himself.
a pair of buckskin moccasins
He was dressed in leggings and a buckskin shirt.