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bucko / хвастун
имя существительное
braggart, bouncer, boaster, blowhard, braggadocio, bucko
имя прилагательное
boastful, braggart, vainglorious, quackish, ostentatious, bucko
snobby, stuffy, bucko, peacocky, snotty-faced, snotty-nosed
имя существительное
a young man (often as a form of address).
now hold on a minute, bucko
But just hold on one outraged, upset second there, bucko !
You, my bucko , were knocked off the topsail rigging and into the half deck.
Not a good idea. bucko … this place is government property, anyone sneaking around will be in big trouble, probably locked up.
I know you, my bucko, you're a troublemaker
If you like portable video games as much as most trend-setting nerds, PortaGame.com is the blog for you, bucko .
Well, the good news, my bucko , is you don't have to anymore.
Do the crossword puzzle yourself for once, bucko .
‘Good luck, bucko ,’ Klein called after him as Ryan made his way to the pool house.
The thing you need to know, bucko , is to lie low.
‘Hey, you're dating the Drum Major, bucko ,’ I said, grinning.