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bucketload / bucketload
имя существительное
as much as can be held by a bucket.
Workers in bright-yellow hard hats are beavering away, moving bucketloads of stones in wheelbarrows and trying to clear a pile of rubble with a digger.
This fact alone should guarantee the first episode viewers by the bucketload and suggests that BBC Scotland are taking their product very seriously indeed.
It was a debate that set the pages of the Bolton Evening News on fire and sparked letters of outrage by the bucketload .
Wildlife, waterfalls, vineyards, superb cuisine, wonderful shopping in the capital Hobart, a warm welcome and history by the bucketload .
As the crane operator hoisted a bucketload of concrete, swung it over the roof, and boomed out toward the empty forms, the crane lost stability, tipping toward the victim.
he scoops up business donations by the bucketload
This place is a slice of Madrid history and has atmosphere by the bucketload .
Old enough to enjoy the benefit of hindsight, we are also young enough to use that knowledge to dramatically change our futures; and with that potential comes a bucketload of angst.
OK, well of course we will pay you a bucketload of cash.
Sure, his wines have picked up a bucketload of medals in Australia, but to get a room full of hacks purring in agreement over the quality is perhaps something this straight-talking Aussie hadn't expected.
The great catchy songs that they used produce by the bucketload are gone, and in their place is a set of somewhat mismatched tracks, which succeeds in sections, but fails as an album.