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buck / доллар, самец, козел
имя существительное
dollar, buck, smacker, coconut, cocoanut, fish
male, buck, bull, cock, mate, male beast
goat, asshole, buck, motherfucker, sow, salamander
resist, oppose, counter, buck, stand against, kick against
kick, buck, fling, fling out
buck, curry favor, seek promotion
имя существительное
the male of some antlered animals, especially the fallow deer, roe deer, reindeer, and antelopes.
Some places base the cost of a deer hunt on the size of a buck 's antlers - the bigger the antlers, the more the hunt costs.
a vaulting horse.
No work on the buck is presented here because so few gymnasia are equipped with this apparatus.
a vertical jump performed by a horse, with the head lowered, back arched, and back legs thrown out behind.
Every so often she would give a little buck , rear or jump.
a fashionable and typically high-spirited young man.
For many of the young bucks in their scarlet tunics, what starts as a great imperial adventure ends in either a squalid death or captivity.
a black or American Indian man.
(of a horse) to perform a buck.
he's got to get his head down to buck
oppose or resist (something that seems oppressive or inevitable).
the shares bucked the market trend
make (someone) more cheerful.
Bella and Jim need me to buck them up
имя прилагательное
lowest of a particular rank.
a buck private
The most magnificent of these was a buck 's head - antlers and all - which was mounted above the fireplace.
Every so often she would give a little buck , rear or jump.
But whenever coaches buck conventional wisdom, they face intense scrutiny from reporters and fans.
Quinn's horse went into a gallop, followed by a small buck .
Men in business suits would leave me a buck on a fifty dollar tab.
Growth of an organ, such as a buck 's antlers, requires additional nourishment and that means additional blood flow.
A few seconds later and the car began to buck and slide out of control.
When, freezing and exhausted, he finally felt land beneath his limbs, the buck collapsed.
During my North Cotswold Mastership, I made Butler, the terrier man, carry a huge white buck ferret on his bicycle, and very useful he proved to be.
They had red skin, and small horns like a buck 's newly sprouting antlers.