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buccaneer / пират
имя существительное
pirate, filibuster, buccaneer, rover, corsair, freebooter
заниматься пиратством
pirate, buccaneer
заниматься морским разбоем
filibuster, buccaneer
имя существительное
a pirate, originally off the Spanish-American coasts.
These pirates or buccaneers were part of the French fleet as Curacao would have been a rich prize for these pirates who were always on the lookout for rich pickings.
Businessmen seemed to combine a buccaneer 's spirit with a slide-rule mind.
And I certainly wasn't the first woman to always fall in love with a buccaneer , you know, with someone who's exciting and made me laugh - Ted always made me laugh.
Easy headlines, a strong balance sheet make for a touch of ‘romance’, the image of a business buccaneer .
You decide whether to become a space buccaneer or a bona fide trader.
John was lionised in the business press as a Scottish business buccaneer , who sometimes seemed able to walk on water.
the company might be a target for an individual buccaneer seeking power and prestige
The people she envied were men, the merchant venturers, the buccaneers of capitalism.
Those unwilling to concede that the corruption is pervasive generally blame rogue buccaneers at a handful of companies.
By 1994 Murphy had become one of the industry's buccaneers - a software contractor with, he says, ‘the ultimate gun-for-hire mentality.’
In the 17th and 18th centuries, the islands were feared as the haunt of pirates and buccaneers from Cornwall, France and Spain, who would lie in wait for poorly defended ships.