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buccal / относящийся ко рту или щеке
имя прилагательное
относящийся ко рту или щеке
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the mouth.
the buccal cavity
Such a mechanism would have been analogous to expansion of the buccal and gular cavities of fishes and many tetrapods by the hyobranchial muscles acting on the hyoid arches.
On physical examination, the buccal cavity and the oropharynx appeared normal and no neck lymphadenopathy was identified.
However, the majority of the bulging to accommodate the engulfed water undoubtedly occurs passively as a result of the inertia of the water (and the rostral compression of the buccal cavity at mouth closure).
On reaching the gut of the sand fly, the organism converts to a promastigote form, reproduces, and migrates to the buccal cavity.
Also, brooders probably are limited by anatomical constraints (e.g., the size of the brood pouch or buccal cavity), whereas nest tenders may be less constrained in terms of how many adults can contribute gametes to a nest.
The sample is either from the mouth - a buccal sample - or a prick of blood from the thumb, any of which is an injury that one would suffer in the normal event of living, and would cause minimal interference or discomfort.
The junction of the pharynx with the body cuticle in wild-type worms involves the cells of the buccal cavity of the pharynx and the hypodermal cell hyp1, which in turn is connected to hyp2.
Palatal width across the fourth premolar: Greatest breadth across the buccal sides of fourth premolars.
Two muscles are key to dorsoventral expansion of the buccal cavity, which characterizes the expansive phase of a suction-feeding event in zebrafish larvae.
The digestive tract consists of a mouth, buccal cavity, esophagus, stomach, two-section intestine, and anus.