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bubbly / шампанское
имя существительное
champagne, bubbly, fizz
имя прилагательное
vesicular, bubbly, bladdery
foaming, foamy, bubbly, fizzy
имя прилагательное
containing bubbles.
bake until the top is crisp and bubbly
(of a person) full of cheerful high spirits.
a bright and bubbly personality
имя существительное
You can sample a pint or two at Two Poets Pub or sip bubbly at the Champagne Bar.
This uncomplicated Italian fizz is a bright, youthful, almost grapey bubbly with refreshing citrus fruit acidity and plenty of fruit.
Perhaps they preferred bubbly drinks to soap bubbles.
A young, bubbly crowd, happy to hang around (the service is a bit slow) and mingle to the music coming out of a state of the art bar.
Mrs Fort described her friend as ‘just a lovely, bubbly lady’, with a personality well suited to dealing with the difficulties presented by police work.
Prosecco, the light, appley crowd-pleasing bubbly of the Veneto region, is a step up from Spanish cava and an attractive value compared to champagne.
After they wove through the crowd, he continued to be a gentleman and handed her a champagne flute filled with a sparkling, bubbly liquid.
You can sample a pint or two at Two Poets Pub or sip bubbly at the Champagne Bar.
I'm just asking if you want a refreshing bubbly beverage.
However, those blinded by love may feel that Pink Pink Fizz's ripe, lively, appley, inoffensive cava bubbly is not highbrow enough for their tastes, in which case champagne's the thing.
Apparently, some water actually does come right out of the ground all bubbly .