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bubble / пузырь, пузырек, мыльный пузырь
имя существительное
bubble, bladder, blister, bleb, cyst, blowhole
bubble, vial, vesicle, phial, bead, bulb
мыльный пузырь
bubble, soapbubble
bubble, effervesce
бить ключом
bubble, bubble up, bubble over, well up, spring, well forth
boil, boil over, seethe, bubble, blaze, froth
имя существительное
a thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas.
Her wet-sleeved urchin takes advantage of the soapy water to blow bubbles .
used to refer to a good or fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last.
we both lived in a bubble, the kind provided by occupying a privileged pied-à-terre in Greenwich Village
a transparent domed cover or enclosure.
piglets born into a sterile bubble
a marine mollusk that typically has a thin scroll-like shell.
When the animal dies, the shells often wash up on beaches and are hard to distinguish from the bubbles produced by waves splashing on the shore, hence the name ‘ bubble shells .’
(of a liquid) contain bubbles of air or gas rising to the surface.
a pot of soup bubbled away on the stove
At a formal level, experimentation started in a bubble of isolation, but decidedly against the tropes of the zhuanti pian.
The reaction many critics have to this sea of choices is to try and create a restrictive little bubble in their own image and then only allow access to people who can conform to that shape.
Earlier this month, a cover story depicted him as living inside a bubble , isolated from knowledge of the real world.
This little bubble was sorted out of shell grit collected from 10 meters of water. Anakena Beach, Easter Island. March, 1998.
O'Neill, however, does not live in a bubble of isolation.
Once the ingredients are blended and the liquid is starting to bubble , add the potatoes, making sure they are all coated with the cream.
After the Internet bubble burst, people stopped thinking about the transforming powers of technology.
He lived in a bubble , a microcosmic world, traveling by train through war-torn Germany with the windows shaded.
Hey, the Government here could just build a big perspex bubble that would cover the whole island, excepting the beaches!
Scroggins quotes many of Emma's friends, who describe her naivety, her refusal to take life seriously, the fact that "she lived in a bubble ".