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bub / браток
имя существительное
имя существительное
an aggressive or rude way of addressing a boy or man.
hey, bub, I'm looking for someone
Let me tell you something, bub : she'll burn in hell along with you, so stop acting so smug!
‘Maybe, but it almost wasn't, you were getting a bit slow near the end there bub ,’ Kelsey pointed out.
Dogmatic people tend to be dogmatic about everything, whereas Catholic Faith says ‘Be dogmatic about the dogmatic truths of the Faith, but for the rest of life: Lighten up, bub !’
The terrific system - it has won nine NBA championships, bub - is based on constant movement by all five players, fully taking advantage of Shaq's unusual mobility and unreal passing ability for a big man.
The people behind me keep punching me in the shoulders and yelling at me to take my hat off, so I am often compelled to turn around and whisper to them ‘Mind your manners, bub , I'm a world-famous celebrity author!’
A word which, in the Paramount Pictures lexicon, is translated from the ancient Greek root meaning ‘not on your life, bub .’
The progression is based around mostly minor chords, and anything major is followed by a dominant seventh, so don't get too comfortable, bub .
Time to read those two hundred and three claims more closely, bub .
Keep it coming bub , you've got a long way to go!
hey, bub, I'm looking for someone