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brute / скотина, животное, зверь
имя существительное
beast, brute, animal
animal, beast, brute
beast, animal, brute
имя прилагательное
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, brute
cruel, brutal, fierce, severe, ruthless, brute
animal, bestial, brute, beastly
имя существительное
a savagely violent person or animal.
he was a cold-blooded brute
имя прилагательное
unreasoning and animallike.
a brute struggle for social superiority
Like everybody, I graduated from an unwieldy brute of a greenheart rod to the featherlight power of carbon fibre.
What kind of animals, what kind of brute beasts have we created in this land?
A moral and ethical position must be based on something more than the mere brute facts of the event.
But the people of Puerto Rico are also human beings with a right to live and prosper that brute force cannot deny.
I used to know a guy who said, ‘There is no problem so subtle or complex that it can't be solved by brute force and ignorance.’
On the one hand a dreamy excursion into one of the most exotic but desolate places in the world and on the other sheer brute physicality, the annual Marathon des Sables is seven days of exultation and desperation in the Sahara Desert.
It is an abstract response to the brute reality of experience.
Perhaps morality is just a brute fact of the universe.
It's the only form of politics he knows: You foment a crisis, then use deceit, fear and brute force to impose your radical agenda.
In today's society our environment and culture has shaped what was once a brute drive to reproduce, into skills and expertise which secure prominence and survival in the modern world.