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brutalize / обходиться грубо и жестоко
обходиться грубо и жестоко
attack (someone) in a savage and violent way.
they brutalize and torture persons in their custody
They promised not to harm them, not to torture or brutalize them with taser guns.
Even though he informs them from his shabby desk that they are looking at God, these hardened thugs brutalize him anyway.
they brutalize and torture persons in their custody
they brutalize and torture persons in their custody
It does have an impact and has helped brutalize and degrade American life.
But over the years, this former heavyweight champion went from mauling other fighters to brutalizing people far removed from the boxing ring.
Far from providing respect for and a defence of their community, their actions degrade and brutalise them.
During the protest I witnessed police brutalization of homeless persons, especially around panhandling and sleeping outside.
Where were they when he was being tortured and brutalized ?
So, I say; thank you for defending those who were unable to defend themselves and for tearing down a government which brutalized women, children, and anyone who did not believe as they did.