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brushwork / манера письма
имя существительное
манера письма
brushwork, writing
имя существительное
the way in which painters use their brush, as evident in their paintings.
canvases characterized by lively, flowing brushwork
At a technical level, Kitaj admires ‘his increasingly free, bright brushwork which owes a debt to fauvist Matisse’.
The painting features rapid and authoritative brushwork , and the brownish palette of Washington.
Unlike the other Scottish Colourists, he was initially less influenced by Post-Impressionism and Fauvism than by the tradition of virtuoso brushwork stemming from Manet.
The term refers to freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting characterized by vivid expression and bold outlines.
His works are known for their strong sense of design, bold use of color, and lively brushwork .
canvases characterized by lively, flowing brushwork
El Greco's Jeronimo de Cevallos, with its slightly blurred focus and vigorous brushwork , anticipates techniques to be used by Velazquez in his paintings of dwarfs and buffoons.
canvases characterized by lively, flowing brushwork
A nocturnal theme is worked out in the flat but vigorous brushwork of a number of paintings included in all these exhibitions, and in the prints as well.
The stylization of the Lichtenstein, as well as its humorous deflation of expressive brushwork , is echoed in Fukui's own approach to realism.