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brushstroke / мазок, манера класть мазки
имя существительное
smear, swab, stroke, brushstroke, touch, daub
манера класть мазки
имя существительное
the stroke of a brush, especially a hair brush or paintbrush.
an individual action that contributes to an overall effect or work.
you write in broad, inaccurate brushstrokes, and seem incapable of grasping the meaning of your own words
Soon, this same planar element reappeared in some of her paintings and watercolors as a squarish brushstroke , abstracting the shape of flowers.
She can be seen to immerse herself too much in the detail, failing to communicate with a broad political brushstroke .
an errant brushstroke doesn't necessarily destroy a painting
Unlike Mr. Szepvolgi, I've made an effort to get to know my fellow Calgarians instead of painting them with the same broad brushstroke .
We are promised a profound investigation of America's post-Cold War behavior, written by an aficionado of the broad brushstroke .
Influenced by artists Robert Motherwell and Joan Mitchell, McClymont uses the strong, gestural brushstrokes of the post-war Abstract Expressionists.
Such grand visions notwithstanding, the New Left's adherents don't have a unified ideology beyond the broad brushstrokes or a coherent set of alternate policies.
Vermeer's dreamy interior light and Manet's poised brushstrokes are beautifully rendered, and Bierk even duplicates the cracking of paint.
He sees the brushstrokes on the surface and knows how to copy them, but because he doesn't understand their underlying purpose he ends up being only a clumsy and ultimately damaging imitation when he tries to craft a painting of his own.
It certainly highlights the shifts in management style in big broad brushstrokes .