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brushed / чистить щеткой, причесывать, вычистить
чистить щеткой
brush, scrub, brush up
brush, dress, coif, get up
clean, brush, polish, dust down
имя прилагательное
having been treated with a brush, in particular.
Cheney selected the Lasalle wingtip loafer in brushed mahogany.
remove (dust or dirt) by sweeping or scrubbing.
we'll be able to brush the mud off easily
touch lightly and gently.
stems of grass brush against her legs
It was the sun reflecting off the brushed stainless steel surface of the familiar DeLorean.
The nylon band loops through fixed rings on the brushed stainless-steel housing rather than attaching to fragile pins.
Nielsen Bainbridge offers a wide variety of silvers, from a raw aluminum look to a steel gray to brushed tones in its German silver.
And as there are walls of brushed concrete, and also of wood panelling behind the Bench.
The backgrounds are beautiful and the dry brushed texture offers further contrast from the characters and help them stand out.
I just hadn't expected to spot them at the breakfast table in brushed polyester with mother-of-pearl buttons.
One eye shone a shimmering amber with a thin slit of a pupil scanning the scene below while the other was an unmoving brushed gold orb.
At just £2,140 for a black and grey brushed wool number, who could resist?
I push back the bedspread and the warm cocoon of brushed cotton sheets.
In back, a counter tiled in red glass fronts an open kitchen of brushed steel.