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brunt / главный удар, атака, сила удара
имя существительное
главный удар
attack, assault, charge, onslaught, thrust, brunt
сила удара
crisis, slump, brunt, head, acme, turning-point
имя существительное
the worst part or chief impact of a specified thing.
education will bear the brunt of the cuts
Meanwhile it is the bewildered and shocked members who have borne the brunt of the uncertainty.
Sales and marketing staff are expected to bear the brunt of the cost-cutting measures.
She managed to get a little bit of her arm in the way, but she took the brunt of the force on her middle.
The hotel's casual staff were baring the brunt of the loss in business with a reduction in their hours.
The front left-hand side of the bus bore the brunt of the impact and its passenger door was destroyed.
The van bore the brunt of the impact and skidded over forty yards into a stone wall following the collision.
The poor of the world will have to bear the brunt of the resulting resource degradation.
Rural women bear the brunt of the problems caused by environmental degradation.
As a result, the highlands of East Africa bore the brunt of European colonization.
education will bear the brunt of the cuts