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brunch / поздний завтрак, завтрак, обед
имя существительное
поздний завтрак
breakfast, luncheon, brunch, bite, brekker
dinner, lunch, brunch, beano, beanfeast
имя существительное
a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.
Located bang on the waterfront, it's a restaurant in the day serving up hearty breakfasts, brunches , lunches and dinners.
Then we're off to Xmas brunch , lunch and dinner with some of my favourite cousins, one of whom is back from London.
There is a buffet brunch at Pacific Pier, where people can sit on the viewing gallery to watch the sea lions and feed them with fish the park prepares.
My final meal in Melbourne was a lovely brunch at the Comfortable Chair on Lygon Street.
In fine Whistler tradition, the beer flowed freely and as a result, this morning many of the brunch attendees looked the worse for wear.
My wife and I miss the patio brunch , which was the only meal out we could do with our infant.
We send them candy and flowers and take them out for brunch , lunch or dinner.
You'll be welcome to linger as long as you like over brunch , lunch or dinner and time in between.
There are less formal meals, picnics and barbecues and the forthcoming brunch is one of these occasions.
This wholesome family outing was enjoyed by all and afterwards everyone tucked into a delicious brunch .
The place has fantastic restaurants for brunch , lunch and dinner.