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bruising / помять, помяться, ушибать
имя прилагательное
causing a bruise or bruises.
his legs took the bruising blows
имя существительное
bruises on the skin.
her arm showed signs of bruising
inflict an injury on (someone or something) causing discoloration of the skin.
a bruised knee
Ankle ligament tears are graded from one to three, and can involve anything from mild tenderness and stiffness to severe swelling and bruising .
Behind them the race had become a bruising battle with plenty of cars displaying panel damage.
Mercifully, there was no permanent damage, just bruising .
The victim, who suffered a black eye and bruising , was treated at Burnley General Hospital before being discharged.
In a reference to the bruising shareholder battle at the Silicon Valley firm over the acquisition of Compaq, Fiorina said the battle has made the company stronger.
As was expected, this was a bruising encounter with both boxers trading punch for punch and bringing the crowd to its feet on a number of occasions.
The cull of Scottish Westminster MPs was last night given the go-ahead by Labour, sparking off a bruising battle for survival for two Scottish Cabinet ministers.
The victim was left with severe swelling and bruising to his ear and eye.
Both were kept at the hospital overnight for observation, one with cuts to his head, hands and face and the other suffering swelling and bruising to his face as well as cuts to his face, hands and body.
For some of the lasers, you will get temporary bruising of the skin and occasionally superficial scabbing.