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browser / браузер, программа просмотра
имя существительное
программа просмотра
имя существительное
a person who looks casually through books or magazines or at things for sale.
Few book browsers would guess that it is about the president's dog.
a program with a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files, used to navigate the World Wide Web.
a web browser
an animal that feeds mainly on high-growing vegetation.
These animals were probably browsers that fed on softer plant material, leaves, and shoots.
I enjoyed this book, which is made for a browser 's pleasure and edification.
Documents with extra-wide margins are now displayed in a browser with a horizontal scroll bar.
a wonderful array of shops that will keep any browser amused for hours
If, like most people, you're using a graphical browser , after login you see two frames.
In addition to the usual bug fixes, the update is said to add not only a web browser and an email program, but a word processor and a spreadsheet.
a web browser
Java applets allowed developers to deliver real client applications within the browser .
The browser reads the HTML and other programming codes to display the pages as you see them.
An example of multitasking would be: running your Internet browser and word processor at the same time.
The more you add, the less room there is for the browser to display the Web pages you find with the toolbars.