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brown-nose / коричневый нос
коричневый нос
curry favor with (someone) by acting in an obsequious way.
academics were brown-nosing the senior faculty
имя существительное
a person who acts in a grossly obsequious way.
He trusts fewer and fewer goons henchmen ministers, preferring unelected brown-nosers .
Wait… let me just say that I didn't brown-nose my way to the top.
I just don't see why I should brown-nose anyone.
Some bootlick brown-nose reported me to the council, so an officer was sent round.
if I can't learn to brown-nose, at least I can keep my mouth shut
They argue that municipal judges may make judgments that brown-nose their superiors to keep their jobs.
And you're going to brown-nose the new boss perhaps?
Being a good brown-nose , The Geek scurries off quickly and 30 seconds later I notice the red ‘LOCKOUT’ lamp on the swipe card readers illuminate.
Meanwhile Rolf is being grovellingly apologetic and attempting to brown-nose his way into my affections.
Why would such a promising young reporter, a high school news editor from Virginia, with such a passion and a love for journalism, deny himself a chance to develop his craft, and brown-nose his way to a high-stress and chaotic position?
Addressing congress during its debate on Iraq, Chris Bryant MP was particularly anxious to brown-nose Blair for his supposed successes in this regard.