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brow / лоб, бровь, чело
имя существительное
forehead, brow, metope
eyebrow, brow
brow, front
имя существительное
a person's forehead.
he wiped his brow
the summit of a hill or pass.
the cottages were built on the brow of a hill
a gangway from a ship to the shore.
It was one of the largest crowds seen at any recent ship's departure and two brows were needed to get the large crowd on and off the warship.
Weber was constantly wiping his brow with a towel during the TV game.
he wiped his brow
‘The bend is not severe but it's not possible to see it because of the brow of the hill,’ said TC Kirkbright.
As they creep over the blind brow of the hill, an articulated lorry comes thundering towards them and swerves out into the middle of the road as the driver spots the wary pedestrians.
It's a busy road, and that was our main concern, with the traffic coming over the brow of the hill.
It wasn't a good kiss; she mashed her whole face against his straight on, jammed her nose into his, her forehead into his brow .
When the brow was secured, RADM Yang strode to the shore to be greeted by RADM Smith and the Chinese dignitaries.
He overtook a coach full of schoolchildren on a blind bend on the brow of a hill and has never even apologised.
Her hair was windblown about her face, and deep creases were on her forehead, where her brow was puckered with anger.
Both women continued pouring magik into the sphere until it was the color of the sky, and Elisa wiped sweat from her brow .