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brouhaha / шумиха, сенсация
имя существительное
hoop-la, brouhaha, ballyhoo, boom, stink, whoop-de-do
sensation, brouhaha, knockout, rattler, front-pager
имя существительное
a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something.
24 members resigned over the brouhaha
Boris' editorial was marked out by the brouhaha , twisted facts and exaggeration characteristic of British Conservatives in debate.
For one thing, the brouhaha has provided her with plenty of material for her daytime job as a lecturer in marketing at Bangkok's Thammasat University.
all that election brouhaha
Meanwhile the organisers remain unperturbed by the brouhaha .
Speaking of storms, what a brouhaha at work today.
the brouhaha over those infamous commercials
The lesson from the current brouhaha is surely not that Scotland's exams must not be touched, but that educationalists got it completely wrong.
Amid all the election brouhaha over here, it's easy to miss Jennifer Lopez's bid for power stateside.
At first I thought Steve had conjured up the entire brouhaha to drum up publicity, but no.
Last week he listened to various angles around the Dunsink brouhaha , as well as stirring up a campaign to open Croke Park to non-Gaelic sports.