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brotherly / братский
имя прилагательное
brotherly, fraternal
brotherly, fraternally
имя прилагательное
typical of how brothers behave toward each other; fraternal.
he and I had such a brotherly bond
They worked the farm together for years in brotherly love.
He'd wistfully recalled the time when he'd felt brotherly love for him.
Mr. Darcy, you know perfectly well where to find me whenever you desire more, " he added with brotherly ease.
She is still a child, and I have only a brotherly affection for her. "
She cried as she rose and went towards him, he enveloped her in a big brotherly hug.
Instead, I felt different emotions, more brotherly , for him.
Men often walk holding hands, a sign of brotherly affection.
Our ownership of Jerusalem is predicated upon mutual brotherly love.
He tried to comfort her with a brotherly embrace.
A more brotherly feeling has created closer ties.