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brotherhood / братство, братские отношения, дружеские отношения
имя существительное
brotherhood, fraternity, fellowship, confraternity, sodality
братские отношения
дружеские отношения
dealings, brotherhood
имя существительное
the relationship between brothers.
But the truth was that the bond of brotherhood was strong between the two of them that neither could truly deny the other anything, though Will exploited this relationship much more than Eaton.
an association, society, or community of people linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.
a religious brotherhood
the bonds of brotherhood
He added that organizing more and more such events would spread the message of peace, brotherhood and amity among the people living across the globe.
Of course, we're told that the Freemasons are no longer a secret brotherhood, but a brotherhood with secrets.
The Prophet, however, continued to establish a bond of brotherhood between each two of his companions, when more people declared their acceptance of Islam.
I miss the Bay area brotherhood and sisterhood.
When the movie ends, as ambiguously as it began, the dominant note is not anger or even sadness, but a quiet feeling of brotherhood , a clearer sense of the ties that bind us together.
The Safavid brotherhood was originally a religious group.
They are destined to meet again in a confrontation that will test the bonds of their brotherhood .
‘The government is not afraid of the brotherhood ,’ Ahmed Nazif, the prime minister, said last week.
The most common association, the compagnonnage, was a brotherhood of journeymen that upheld rituals and traditions dating from the mid-seventeenth century.