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brothel / бордель, публичный дом, бардак
имя существительное
brothel, whorehouse, bordello, bordel, house, bawdy house
публичный дом
brothel, whorehouse, bordello, bawdy house, cathouse, bagnio
mess, brothel, whorehouse, disorder
имя существительное
a house where men can visit prostitutes.
In Belgium, self-employed prostitutes are legal but brothels are not.
You're still very drunk and have decided to visit a local brothel before going back to barracks.
He owned the building where the brothel was housed and the business was registered in his name, she said.
It is illegal to run a brothel , which constitutes premises where more than one prostitute is working.
Four girls were not told where they were going before they were taken to the brothel .
This parcel he took to a local brothel and presented to a prostitute he knew.
Traffickers are paid a sum of money for each woman and girl they deliver to a brothel or pimp.
People who work on the streets generally are younger than your average sex worker in a brothel .
In Belgium, self-employed prostitutes are legal but brothels are not.
Hundreds of new Asian prostitutes are coming to work in the new Asian brothels that are being set up in this country.
With legalised brothels the prostitutes could be forced to have regular check ups for STD's.