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broomstick / метловище
имя существительное
имя существительное
the long handle of a broom.
Grab a very lightweight bar or broomstick .
Gryffindor seems headed for victory until Harry's broomstick turns into a bucking bronco.
From Harry's look of worry before walking onto the field, to the unbelievable flying broomstick scenes, the audience immediately gets caught up in the match between Gryffindor and Slytherin.
A six-metre high opening is known as the Witches Cave because the shadow cast by the lighting on the cave wall looks rather like a witch riding her broomstick .
Fix up that dusty broomstick from the hall closet and use it for a besom.
A supervisor, instead of calling explosive experts, wrapped a broomstick handle with plastic and used it to stir the jelly.
Grab a very lightweight bar or broomstick .
Little did he know that it had a broomstick stuck underneath the handle from the other side, to prevent it from being opened.
I found a microphone covered in duct tape in the lost and found box, taped that to a broomstick and had the best shows of my life.
No car, no broomstick , no other form of transportation came close to the ride that Kate had that morning.
Part of the ceremony was for the couple to jump over a broomstick or brush across the threshold of the new living quarters.