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brooding / размышлять, тяготить, сидеть на яйцах
reflect, meditate, think, ponder, contemplate, speculate
burden, weigh on, brood, weigh upon, weigh down, press
сидеть на яйцах
sit, brood
имя прилагательное
showing deep unhappiness of thought.
he stared with brooding eyes
think deeply about something that makes one unhappy.
he brooded over his need to find a wife
(of a bird) sit on (eggs) to hatch them.
Many of the birds are already brooding aquamarine eggs, but some are still in the construction phase.
(of silence, a storm, etc.) hang or hover closely.
a winter storm broods over the lake
No words had passed between them; only glances that seemed to reflect the same brooding rebel spirit in both men.
But she ate by herself, and when she glanced at Mitherill, her face was brooding and angry.
That dark curly hair that just begs your fingers to run through it, those deep brown brooding eyes, that body!
Nearly relieved for a break from his brooding thoughts, Rick reached for the phone, ‘Hello?’
His own magic eye focuses on the magnificent landscapes of the north of England - The Lakes, the Yorkshire Dales and the brooding Pendle countryside in which he lives and works.
Above the sky was a brooding purple, threatening a downpour.
De Niro, with his brooding thoughtfulness and fine shadings of facial expression, is much more successful.
As he glanced from picture to picture his eyebrow knotted in brooding thought, his head shaking gently from side to side.
When she turned back to speak more to Dr. McAndrews he had gone, leaving her almost entirely alone with her brooding thoughts.
You know the kind: the brooding grates that let off a steady flow of steam into the dark, rainy, nighttime city streets, like the breath of a monster caged beneath the surface.