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brooch / брошь
имя существительное
brooch, broach
имя существительное
an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch.
A fabulous collection of ladies costume jewellery by Pave includes brooches , earrings, necklaces and gorgeous gift sets starting at very affordable prices.
Usually, a woman also accessorizes with a bracelet, ring and necklace to go along with a brooch .
Last he took out a golden brooch with a few precious stones in it.
A red sash curved from her left shoulder down to her right hip, and a golden brooch fastened the garb at her right shoulder.
I saw silver rings and a gold brooch , jewelled knives and other finely worked objects.
More within the reach of the novice collector are the myriad of smaller novelty pieces, from the cameo brooch to the charm bracelet.
Tara brooch
They made off with a silver charm bracelet, two passports, a gold brooch and a silver chain.
Find any photo of me on a significant occasion and you'll see me wearing a brooch , a ring or a necklace that comes from that earlier time.
Look out too for the ultimate accessory: silk flowers on brooches and chokers.
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