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bronzed / бронзовый, загорелый, бронзированный
имя прилагательное
bronze, bronzed, brazen, mulatto, aeneous
sunburnt, sun-tanned, brown, bronzed, adust, weather-beaten
sunburnt, bronzed, sun-tanned
цвета бронзы
имя прилагательное
attractively and evenly suntanned; tanned.
bronzed and powerful arms
make (a person or part of the body) suntanned.
Alison was bronzed by outdoor life
Her eyes looked down the length of Katrina's body, taking in the full measure of the bronzed body underneath her.
Beach reminds us of our most famous international image - the bronzed Aussie's beach scene.
The beaches are serving up tantalisingly sumptuous platters of bronzed flesh.
He's perfectly happy to stand like a Michelin man in the local swimming baths, next to a bronzed , life-guard type.
Lillian, tall, large-boned, with a high forehead, wide cheekbones, skin bronzed by the sun.
You might stop at the beach to let warm waves spend themselves playfully against your bronzed body.
In the very first shot she is revealed in all her bronzed St Tropez glory.
However, some people can see something beneath the bronzed , gelled exterior.
For decades milky-white Scots have suffered under the Mediterranean sun in a fruitless bid to achieve the mandatory bronzed glow of their fellow Europeans.
Haig paused for a moment to take in the expanse of bronzed , rounded flesh.